Whether it's an overflowing closet or some regularly misplaced keys, we can help you take control of the chaos in your life and teach you to more effectively manage your space, time, and priorities.  If you are in a professional setting, we can work with you on increasing the overall efficiency of your work space and your team, or perhaps even by taking the reins on a special project that is draining you of your available resources.  

Our Role

We assess your organizing and productivity goals and develop a project plan that aligns with those goals.

We support you and keep you focused if the project becomes overwhelming or frustrating.

We guide you in making the best organizing and productivity decisions that work with your life.

We provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to successfully stay on track after your project is complete.

How We Work

We are always JUDGEMENT FREE.

We are always CONFIDENTIAL.

We always treat your space and belongings with RESPECT, and nothing is discarded or decided on without your approval.

Why work with Life Done Simply?

We are trained specialists who can offer an objective opinion.  This means less frustration between you, your co-workers, or your loved ones as we develop organizing strategies for the future.  

We have a broad network of industry professionals and resources at our disposal.  We have developed relationships with suppliers, contractors, and other organizers.  We can offer discounts on services and products that our clients wouldn't otherwise get.  

We are conscientious of where your unwanted items will live out the rest of their lives.  We won't just throw your stuff in a truck and drive away to the landfill. We will work with your local non-profits, schools, and community organizations.  When items cannot be responsibly recycled, we always ensure that they are being disposed of properly.  

We can save you time and money!  Working with us is an investment in yourself, your family, and your business.