The saboteur lurking in your closet

How much time did you spend picking out your clothes this morning?  Do you have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear?  The experience you have getting ready in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day.  Is your closet sabotaging your day before you even leave the house?  Take control of your wardrobe with the help of these 5 organizing tips.

Exhume all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories

Let each piece of clothing see the light of day.  Take each item off of the hanger or out of the drawer and hold it in your hands.  Yes, everything.  Has a hanger left permanent damage?  Examine for wear and stains.  Are those little fuzz balls going to deter you from wearing an item again…with pride?  Not sure it fits?  Try it on.  Do you love it or are you keeping it out of guilt?  Every time you encounter your wardrobe, it should be with confidence, not mystery!   

Sequester tattered or dirty clothes

If you come across an item that needs to be cleaned, mended, or altered, move it to an entry closet or other place near your front door.  This way you will be reminded of that errand each time you grab your coat and head out the door.  

Solo expedition

Pro-bono organizing help from a relative may seem like a good idea.  What could be more fun than kicking back with a sister and strolling down memory lane of all of your questionable fashion choices?  Fun it is.  Productive it is not.  If you truly want to overhaul your wardrobe and start fresh, you will need to be in the driver seat.  It is important that you own this process.  If that seems overwhelming, a properly trained organizer or stylist can provide expert advice while keeping you in control of the process.

Which way does the hanger hang?

There are a lot of quirky tips out there designed to help you keep your wardrobe in check. 

“If you haven’t worn it in at least _____ days/months/years…” 

“Turn the hanger around if you haven’t worn it in at least _____ days/months/years…” 

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been asked how long someone should keep an unworn item of clothing in their closet.  My answer:  If you have to ask that question about an item, it no longer belongs in you closet.  Trust your gut instinct.  

The skinny on the fat past

Uff da.  This is a tough one for most people.  Keeping clothes around from your “skinny” or “fat” days is keeping you in the past.  They provide nothing but guilt and shame.  Celebrate where you are today and where you are heading, and banish these items immediately!  

By keeping these 5 organizing tips in mind, you should always have a wardrobe that is current, makes you feel more confident, and saves you time and energy.  You deserve it!  

Aimee Olson of Life Done Simply is a Productivity and Organizing Coach and is a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO).